Richland can draw raw glass frit or cullet and redraw glass tubing and capillaries. Direct drawn glass tubing is available in most electronic glasses plus many special or custom Richland formulas in clear, blue, green, and brown. Custom shapes can be made to meet a specific design requirement.

Applications / Components for:

• Hermetic Sealing packages
• Lighting Products
• Analytical Equipment


• Automotive
• Electronics
彩票万能公式 • Lighting

Process Capabilities:

• In-house redraw and direct draw of tubing.
• Proprietary design glass tanks and drawing orifice are built and maintained in-house
• OD dimensions from 0.3mm to 4.0mm
• ID dimensions with tolerances out to +/- 0.025mm (0.001 in).

Common Glass Types:

• RG93 Blue glass – 8061/9013 equivalent
• RG92G – SRI equivalent
• Clear Kovar Sealing glasses – RSG4, 8250, 7052
• Green Kovar Sealing glasses – RG47, Fusite K
• Clear Soda Lime (Lead Free) glass – SG36 equivalent

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