Richland manufactures a wide range of precision cut components. The product line includes straight beads and windows for hermetic sealing; cut rings for anode spacers, end seals for capacitors, enclosures for crystals, diodes, connectors, photodiodes, infrared devices, and special items for semiconductor applications.
Using a diamond abrasive cutting method, Richland has the capability to cut even extremely small items. Our equipment is designed to guarantee accuracy in both length and parallelism. Richland products are free from chips and our cleaning processes ensure a product without contaminants, ready for processing.

Applications / Components for:

• Modulators, Lasers, Detectors & Switches
• Connectors, Sensors, Hybrid Packages, glass compression seals, glass-to-metal seals, fritted glass, sintered glass filter, diode glass
• Airbag Ignitors and Sensors, & Lighting


• Telecommunications
• Avionics, Defense, & Aerospace
彩票万能公式 • Automotive

Process Capabilities:

• Cut tolerances out to +/- .03mm
• Diamond wheel automated saw cutting
• Accuracy in both length and parallelism

Richland Glass Beads Vs. Sintered Preforms:

• Minimized Glass Splatters on Eyelet and Bonding Area
• Homogeneous Glass Color after Sealing
• No Glass Particles in the Hole
• Tight Tolerances in Hole size, outer Diameter and Weight
• Minimized Bubbles in the Glass after Sealing
• Better insulation resistance
• Uniform Glass to Metal Seals
• No Tooling Cost for most of shapes
• Fast Prototyping

Your Go-to Glass Manufacturing & Fabricating Specialist Since 1960
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