Custom Glass Tube Stems

Richland manufactures glass stems to the most demanding quality standards。 Using combinations of the latest automated technology and master craftsmanship Richland Glass supplies customers with a wide variety of custom glass stems。

We can accommodate your requirements, from prototype to production quantities.

Each stem is visually inspected using a microscope to insure exceptional quality。 Parts can be helium leak checked to 10 -8 to verify years of trouble free operation。

Applications / Components for:

• Photo-Multiplier Tube (PMT)
• X-Ray tubes
• Lasers
• Cathode Ray tubes CRT
• Specialty lighting and light sources
• Special purpose tubes


• Medical
• Sensing and Security
• Industrial
• Analytical and Life Sciences
• Environmental
• Aerospace and Defense

Process Capabilities:

• Kovar – Hard Glass
• Tungsten
• Sylvania # 4 – Soft Glass
• Kulgrid
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